Wednesday, 23 November 2011

HOT Specials at FRAG

The following items will be available for sale before and during FRAG. Please place orders ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment. Hardware installations will be done free of charge at the event, software and drivers attracting a nominal installation fee.

Graphics Cards:
Gigabyte GTX-560 – R3000
Gigabyte ATI HD 6670 – R1130
Gigabyte ATi HD 6950 - R3330

Gigabyte Odin 585w - R530
Gigabyte Odin 720w – R1080

CPU Coolers:
Thermalright Si128 SE - R 460
Corsair H60 CPU Water Cooling - R 790
Corsair H80 CPU Water Cooling - R 1170
Zalman CNPs950led Cooler – R460
Zalman Cnps10x Performa – R380

Gaming Cases:
Antec LanBoy Air Red no psu – R1530
Gigabyte x4 – R350
Gigabyte x9 – R350
Gigabyte Setto II 142 – R600
Gigabyte Sumo Alpha Black – R870
Gigabyte Sumo 5112 – R1600
Thermaltake Black armour – R1330

Gaming Keyboards:
Gigabyte Aivia - R670
Thermaltake® eSports Challenger Keyboard – R530

Gaming Mouse:
Coolermaster Storm Xornet gaming mouse - R270
Gigabyte M6900 – R280
Gigabyte M8000x – R530
Thermaltake® eSports Black Mouse – R530

Other Gaming Peripherals:
Zalman FG1000 fps gaming muse - R270
Corsair HS1 Analog gaming headset – R610
Corsair ca-9011113-ww 1100 communicator – vengeance gaming headset – R450
Zalman ZM-RS6F headphone - R 450
Logitech Gamepad Rumblepad 2 - R330   
Razer Nostromo keypad – R650   

Mouse Pads:
Choiix TravelPad Black and Silver – R50
Razer Abyssus – R100
Razer Death Adder - R100
Razer Imperator - R100
Razer Lachesi - R100
Razer Mamba – R100
Razer Naga - R100
Razer Orochi – R100
Razer Sphex - R160
Razer Sphex Meet Your Maker - R160
Razer Sphex League Of Legends - R160
Razer Sphex Serious Gaming - R 160
Razer Sphex Mouse Sports – R160
Razer Sphex Team-Dignitas - R160
Razer Armadillo 2 cable mana - R160
Razer Goliathus Con Omega Frag – R180
Razer Goliathus – R180
Coolermaster storm CS-S Battle-Pad H2 – R100
Coolermaster storm CS-M Fps Tactics DC - R150
Gigabyte Ghost mouse pads – R100
Thermaltake® Tai-Chi M2 - Aluminium Mouse Pad - R200
Thermaltake® eSports Conkor Mouse Pad – R270
Zalman Mp1000 Gaming mouse pad – R150
Gigabyte G1 Sniper 2 – R4790
Gigabyte GA-990FxA-D3 – R1930

External Hard Drives:
Trancend 500Gb 2.5" – R740
Trancend 1Tb 3.5" – R999

Prices include VAT with our standard terms and conditions apply.

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