Thursday, 29 September 2011

Yet another scam

Today we had another client come in with another variation on the scam we told you about earlier in the month. In this instance, someone who apparently represents Microsoft gave the client a call stating that their machine is sending them all kinds of virus reports.

They went on to guide the client through their file system alleging that certain files were in fact viral. After this "evidence" most users would start to believe the story and trust the Microsoft rep. and follow their advice further.

The rep then guides the client to "". Now If you had an internet security program like ESET Nod32, Norton or Kaspersky, you would have been warned right away. But if you did not, the rep would have guided you to download a program that would allow them to remotely access your PC.

Please note, Microsoft does not have YOUR number. Even if you have registered your product, you never give them this information. So they have no means to contact you in most cases. They will also somehow know your name! Possibly due to some form of email spyware.

Here is a post that will demonstrate the conversation

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